Friday, April 4, 2014

Page Monitor: Get a notification when a page updates

A few days ago I was looking for a service that notified me in real time when a site updated... it was impossible. Most sites ask for payments, and some others only check daily, and I need to be notifies immediately. And just by coincidence, I found Page Monitor.

Page Monitor

This is a Chrome extension that checks if a website has any changes in real-time... or at least close to that. You can check every 2 days, or every 5 seconds, which is awesome! And every time a change occurs, you’ll get a notification up to 5 seconds late. Although many don’t have this kind of need, still is something very useful that all should know about.

Page Monitor

It also keeps a history of the sites that have updated, so in case you weren’t in your PC or you shut down chrome, you’ll still be able to see what updated when.

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