Friday, July 21, 2017

WhatsApp For Desktop now available

This was something that wasn’t share anywhere in my circle of news or anything… maybe is not that relevant, I guess… but anyway, is relevant to my, so here it is.

WhatsApp released their Windows version and it works pretty well. It’s exactly the same as the web version, but now you don’t need a web browser or anything like that.

That's Rak as my profile picture.

It’s really fast to open, use, and everything, way faster than using the web version. And way to much lighter. Check this out.

On Chrome the session wasn't even open

Of course, this was done in Chrome, I have no idea how much RAM it would consume in other browsers, but the fact is that is half the memory, that’s a lot.

In the setting area, we found pretty basic stuff, of course, the one I would love to see is the possibility to add WhatsApp to the tray area (because I can hide icons there).

Simple as fuck.

So, go and download the app, you won’t regret it.

Download | WhatsApp

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