Saturday, July 22, 2017

Cinesift: A complete list of movies based on ratings

Several months ago I was wasting my time in reddit as always and a redditor posted a link to a website that he/her created called Cinesift.

Thanks to it I avided Batman v Superman.

Now, this is not like any other website about movies over there, no, the site ranks movies based on a score averaged between IMDB, Metascore, Rotten Tomatoes, Audience rating, and Letterboxd. Meaning that you add all of these scores to get the average, basic math.

The site is great, not only because it gives you a list of actually good movies to watch, but also becuse since these scores are a combination between critics and regular people, you can see both sides of the story.

But anyways, go check it out, it won’t disappoint.

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