Sunday, May 4, 2014

Clicking Bad - Another Time waster

Have you heard of Cookie Clicker? Of course you have, is one of those time wasters, that just like 2048, has a ton of different versions. The versions vary on theme and even objectives, but the game play is the same: click something, get a reward, upgrade your clicks per seconds, get a reward, upgrade...

Clicking Bad

Clicking Bad is not the exception, is a pretty basic game: Click the Cook! button, Sell! a batch of meth. When you have enough money, upgrade your rig to cook or sell more batches of meth. You can buy improvements to manufacture batches per seconds and distributors to sell per seconds.

The best part about these kind of games is that the progress is saved on your browser and if you want, you can export it and play wherever you want. The progress is autosaved, FYI.

Anyway, these are good time wasters, and if you want to release some stress, this is the best way to do it. Or to distract your kids, good for that too.

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