Thursday, April 13, 2017

How to customize your Office 2016 installation

So, after a few searches I finally found a way to customize the Office 2016 setup, just like the previous versions. Here’s how.

Make sure that you have Office already downloaded; it can be as an .iso file, zip, or anything, just make sure that you have it locally, not online… like that crappy deployment tool.

You can delete the readme and autorun if you want.

Now, on the left side, press SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK, then click on “Open command window here”.

Remember to press Shift. Many users miss this.

In that command prompt, you’re gonna run the following command:

setup.exe /admin

Don't close it yet.

It will open the Microsoft Office Customization Tool. Pick the first option and hit Ok.

I didn't even know this was a thing.

In here you’ll modify your installation. You can take a few minutes to do it if you want, but here are the two things I recommend.

1. Accept the license agreement.

Does anybody read these anymore?

2. Pre-customize your installation

Office and Skype. Nice.

Now, go to File > Save. Choose ANY name and SAVE IT IN THE OFFICE SETUP FOLDER.

This is the easiest part.

In the command prompt do the following:

setup.exe /adminfile FILENAME.msp

Yes, I'm lazy and use random numbers.

And presto!

This is the first screen.This is the second one.

NOTE: Although I edited the file to remove some components in my final installation, the one I use here is a previous test I did, but it’ll work, trust me.

To make things easier to technicians, you can create a bat file with the following command:

setup.exe /adminfile FILENAME.msp

Save it, and run it from the Office installation folder, that’s way you won’t need to open the command prompt and type it.

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