Monday, July 11, 2016

Aida64: What’s the difference between Extreme, Engineer, and Business

So I decided to try Aida64 to see how it is, and as many software that exists all over the Internet, it has several versions, 3 to be precise; Extreme, Engineer, and Business. So if you’re a average user, download the Extreme.

Sorry for the resolution, it was a big image.

Let me tell you the differences as simple as possible:

  • Extreme: perfect for average user. It has benchmarking (which is why you’ll use it mainly), and a pretty detail hardware report.
  • Engineer: exactly the same as extreme. I actually didn’t find any difference on the interface, nor in the preferences, or anything. The only difference they mention on the website is that this one works on “workstations and servers”.
  • Business: design for IT support. The main point of this version is that has a Remote option that allows the user to access another computer to monitor it, check the system information, and control it. Not only that, it has a database and audit manager. Ergo, NOT FOR AVERAGE USERS.

And that’s it. Download the version that you want.

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