Saturday, February 1, 2014

Disable spell check in Chrome and Firefox

Speel Check

When using any browser, you should notice that these check your spelling as you type, just as Word did at the beginning. To some people this is useful (me), to others it not. For those who don’t like this, here’s how to disable it on Firefox and Chrome.


This is simple, go to Options > Advanced.

Firefox options

Now uncheck the “Check my spelling as I type” and you’re free to make mistakes again.

Firefox options.


To deactivate the spell checker, go to a text field (a field where you type), right click > Spell-checker options > Check the spelling of text fields.


This way, you can make as many mistakes as you want, no one will judge, except maybe the NSA, but they were judging you since that video you watch a while ago.

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