Sunday, January 12, 2014


Finally I decided to watch movies again since finally got some free time, and Riddick was the first movie in my list, and personally, I found it awesome. Yes, the violence is exaggerated, there is mild gore, and even some boobs, a man’s dream. But all this aside, THERE IS AN ALIEN DOG.


I love dogs. Anyway, after these many years waiting for the third movie, I think it followed much of the previous movies’ basics: Riddick is a badass, there is a strong and confident woman, there is a bad guy that dies at the end, a catholic, a young guy, action on an alien planet, big/strong and quite dangerous monsters, weird space technology, etc..


I’m not movie critic so I won’t talk about scripts, performances, or any of that crap. I really enjoyed the move and the alien dog, whose performance was epic.

If you want to check it out before the DVD release (Jan, 14), you can go to Yify-Torrents and download it on 720p and 1080p. Just remember, if you liked it, buy it.

Here’s the trailer, BTW.

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