Friday, September 13, 2013

YSK you can add Multimedia buttons to your Razer Mouse

Razer keyboards and mice are amazing, but alone they are only another set of hardware, what makes them awesome is the Razer Synapse, which is a software designed specifically to work with these devices, allowing them to do things beyond their normal capability. I usually use my mouse with macros (specific sequence of keys presses and mouse buttons in a row with a single click), and I can highly improve my performance by doing this, but there are other things that many users don’t, one of this is adding a multimedia feature to your mouse.

Razer Naga

Is very easy: when assigning a function to a button, just select Multimedia, and then the function you want to perform.

A thing I realized with this is it will work as the keyboard; the keyboard button and the mouse button will share the same functionality and way of working. Another thing was using a non-multimedia keyboard, that didn’t work, or maybe I was doing it wrong, but still is something to keep in mind when adding this function to your mouse.

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